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13 Oct

It's Spring - Hooray!

Goodbye winter….hello sunshine. Bring on Summer we say!!

Ronnie and the Outhouse Orchestra are back in Adelaide after blitzing it on their tour of Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. Planning for the 2010 tour is already underway. Hey Europe – we TOLD you we would be back! Brace yourselves.

The recent gig at the Gov ‘Playing with your Mind’ was great fun. Professors Marcello Costa, Ian Gibbins and Rob Morrison showed us that they are not only ridiculously intelligent – they are also kick ass musicians.

Since then, the band has been locked up in the studio recording songs for the forthcoming double album ‘Renaissance Point’. Posh name – great music. Ronnie has been cranking out new songs for the project, creatively aided by a recent ‘weekend retreat’ at Victor Harbor with the band. The new songs are brilliant and will make this new album shine.

And what about the other members of the OO? Well…Jarrad is keeping himself busy being a creative, musical genius and also teaching music to little tackers. Amanda is working on her Ukulele solo after a breathtaking performance at a recent wine-fueled jam session. And Marie has locked herself in the office with the formidable task of sourcing funds for the 2010 European tour.

In fact, if you are reading this blog and want to make a donation. Please…don’t be shy – we’re not.

Don’t forget, we love to hear from you so send us a comment.

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13 Oct

Launch of New Album - February 6 at the Gov

Save the Date! Grab your diary right now, get a big, red pen and write this down.


Come and be the first to get your mits on the brand new album from Ronnie Taheny ‘Renaissance Point’ Keep your eyes peeled for ticket sales info from December.

It’s gonna be a ripper!!


30 Jan

Launch of Ronnie's 2009 e-commerce website! Please leave your comments.