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Gallery - 2012 Tour

The "FAREWELL" tour (chronologically)


 SCHWANDORF, Felsenkeller Fri Mar 30th. Pix by Robert Fenzl.

CHESKY CRUMLOV (CZ) for lunch with Robert Fenzl (official EU tour photographer 2005-12)


KASSEL, cute accom.

HERNE, cute venue.

WEILBURG, cute town!


A fast day off thanks to fabulous friend, Guenther Wolf.



RODGAU, Maximal.






LANGENFELD, Schaustall.

Where'd they go??!!!



KIEL, Kulturforum.




RATHENOW, St Marien Andreas Kirche.

Go Chris, Rolf and all the other Rathenower Steinmaenner



SCHWERIN, Speicher


The Grand Duchy herself in Schwerin - past and current glories of Mecklenburg Vorpommern's Renaissance influence.


The Grand Duchy of the Speicher hereself - Simone, thanx.


BAD SEGEBERG, Ihlsee. Yikes!



HOV (DK), Caffeen.

 Stage view


Goodbye DK HQ at Sanne's in Aarhus (sob).





KREFELD, "Bed and Blessings" the most memorable accom on tour - a convent.







The crew - Andreas and Rudi  - big ta for the great years.


The roadies - Sven and Rudi - ta for your help in between your Juggling-Fests across the world.


Happily stalked by famous Kassel schauspieler (actor) Chris.


ELLWANGEN, Leprechaun...thanx Gerry...


Ellwangen Schloss...good fest venue too.


 NUERTINGEN, Kuckucksei....Where'd they go?...big night...last gig of tour...hmmmmm...Sorry Jo and Jenny.






Blue Lagoon, Comino.



View from hotel window (and seat for the day).


 51st birthday in Malta. Yay! Another dream comes true.


Birthday celebrations and the UEFA Cup finals (Glems vs Taheny - a league of their own)




Riding around Valetta.






ADELAIDE, The Gov Sat Feb 4th 2012. (All pix with kind permission from Max Millowick).