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Those who helped along the way

 Over the last 17 years, there have been so many invaluable friendships, fun and frivolity that it is almost impossible to list them all.


But I'd like to especially thank the many helpers for their heartfelt and generous support during this time.


The list of people and pix below appear in categories of national concern, mostly chronologically.


Even if I had another 100 years on this earth, I would still be indebted to these selfless friends and their contribution towards the solid and steady growth I was afforded over the entire EU period. A hearty thankyou!


If, per chance, you feel responsible for part of my world domination success and have not been duly recognised, be sure to contact me immediately with a decent pic and I'll be sure to display you under the title of "Self-appointed Managers". That should sort you out.


Finally, to those I HAVE accidently omitted, well, it's simply that I do not have a pic of you, unbelievable, I know.


Anyway, you know who you are and I know who you are too. I will never forget what times we've had and I'll  always remember you as we amble along our own inevitable path of life.



Enough poetry, here are the characters, dear friends in chronological order.





My mum, Maureen (90th birthday party), my sisters and brothers:  Kerry, Francis, Bernadette, Josephine, Therese, Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth, Eugene, Damien, Maria (absent) (Adel, AUS).



Amanda Graham (with me), Michael Steer (1st L) and other 'uni-era' buddies (Adel, AUS).



Joseph Taheny, nephew, roadie during tour 1999, all round good guy (Perth, AUS)



Cara Taheny, niece, roadie during tour 2002, all round fun-gal (Adel, AUS)



Liam Taheny, nephew, roadie during tour 2003, all round intelligent and fun guy (Adel, AUS)



Jarrad Payne, multi-instrumentalist, intellectual, all round total original (Adel, AUS)



Mick Wordley for the 1st 2 CDs and some great philosophy (Adel, AUS)



David Sly for some fab journalism, hedonism and some huge get-togethers over the last 25 yrs (Adel, AUS)



Marie deLint and Amanda Goodfellow - the fab Outhouse Orch gals disguising

as McLeod's Daughters (Yank, AUS)


The dynamic kind friends and DVD-making babes - Tracy Riddiford (R) and Cathy Beitz (C).





Simon Ridley, Outhouse Orchestra guest muso for tour 2010 otherwise the driving

 force of Adelaide's sensational  "Satan's Cheerleaders"



Caroline Fisher, official AUS photgrapher and 'flattery' wand.




My 'oldest' and boldest girlfriends since age 5 from St Columba's convent years, Yorke Peninsula (L-R:

Jova, Wiggles, Del, moi, Louise - collectively celebrating our 50th in Penang 2011)




Chris Murphy and Karl Neumann, Hackney's VIP reception team (London, UK)




Maurine Hourihan (R) (Cork, IRE)



Big Dan Beardshall (Ballina, IRE)





Charlotte Schou (Odense, DK)



Sanne Lisby (HQ, Aarhus, DK)



Lene and Else (Aarhus, DK)



Kim Jording proving that intelligence can be deceiving.  (Sonderborg, DK)



Steen Alive denying his mid-life crisis (Aabenraa, DK)




Burkhardt Richard and Linda (Kiel, D)



Guenther Wolf (Pfungstadt, D)



Carola Petry (blue scarf) from Idar-Oberstein in with the Guenther Wolf family

 inc Pit (L),  Kirbanu (Adel) and Bernie (L) (Pfungstadt, D)



Roland Appel (HQGZ, Head Quarters Gross Zimmern, D)



'Home' (HQGZ)


from bedroom window


homebase..thanx, Roland



Wolfgang Herdt (1st L) and Milan Horak (2nd R) (HQGZ, D). Easiest guys to live with.


Steffan Beck (HQGZ, D)


Hussein (Gulhali), Mike Pfeffer and Werner Stumpf (HQGZ)



Norbert and Herte Frank (GZ, D)



Klaus Dengler (GZ, D)



Otto and Anne Herdt (GZ, D)





 Dominik Stahlschmidt for Cds # 3, 4, 5, 6 and my contract with Bertelsmann



Doris and Oliver Linberg (Bad Segeberg, D)



Walter Diet (3rd L) and Iris (R) (Glems, D)



Andrea Kroemer from "Schaustall" imitating a reflective poet (Langenfeld, D)



Fenzl (Zwiesel, D)


Britta Schweighoefer, thrill seeker (Koeln, D)



Wolf Stipanowski (Kirchheimbolanden, D)



Frank Mank Moeller (2nd L) (Berlin, D)



Sue and Stevo (kleine Muenster, D)



Liz Oczowski (gross Muenster, D)



Reinhard Potschinski (Hamm, D)



 Chris and Marion Eisser (Rathenow, D)



Mirjam and Sascha Rackwitz (Eckernfoerde, D) plus all greater family Rackwitz.



Gerry and Darina Marek Ellwangen, D)



 Ulli Koebe (R) with bro' Axel (Lichtenstein, D)



 Doris and Hans Ehlers (Pellworm, D)

...and Hermann (Pellworm, D)



Tim, Jan and Ute (Rossdorf, D)