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About Us

Arty Records. We've moved to higher places!

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Arty Records is a fully independent record label and management service founded in 1992. It is wholly owned by Ronnie Taheny.

Arty Records has a head office in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia and two other branches based in Germany and Ireland.

We are a company of individuals who believe in the old-fashioned business principles of integrity, honesty, loyalty, good service with a smile and, oddly enough, keeping one's word.

In a world obsessed with self-aggrandisement and a business fraught with fame, we veer from attitude and entitlement and see our mission as supporting real talent from real artists who are creative angels, behave nicely and know how to work likedogs....which is good cos we protect our artists like bitches.

We can't manage everyone but we try to help where we can - established acts and fledglings alike - which explains why we've ramped-up and amped-up our career support services with Ronnie at the helm.

Now clients can cherry-pick from how to plan a music career (that actually gets you from A to maybe even Z) right through to support for touring the EU. No one should have to reinvent the wheel, we give back where possible. And if we like you.

And as much as we love our business, we acknowledge that we are a small element in a much greater world. We are a niche and are happy to dominate the world as such.

We are also aware that every day's a school day so if there is anything you can see that we can improve upon, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will appreciate any comments you may have. Keep them short, clean, diplomatic and send to: