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Arty Records - Mentoring Programmes

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"It's not just the step by step advice from someone experienced that has sparked the fire to go for it , it's the incredible energy that wins you over in conversation paired with the confidence only a mentor can bring to the table. Not just knowing you can make it happen, but believing it - that is Ronnie's gift to me and I'm super grateful!"

Kelly Breuer "Boston April" and "The Brouhaha", Australia


You can be young or young at heart and if you're new to the Business of Music and are finding that highway to hedonism a bit daunting then we've got the course for you.

10 x 2 hr intensive, tailor-made, one-on-one sessions will take you on a practical and comprehensive journey to set you well on that finely focussed way to a sustainable music career always with the big picture in mind. 

Remember, most "overnight sensations" are 20 years in the making so start soon!

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