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Arty Records European Booking Agency (in conjunction with Sounds Australia)

"Ronnie assisted me with planning and booking my first tour of the UK and Europe in 2013 - it was a great success! As an independent artist from Adelaide, with a dream of launching an international career, and with all the financial and logistic challenges that involves, having someone with Ronnie's street smarts and decades of experience in your corner was an absolute blessing. Her sheer enthusiasm, seemingly endless energy and masses of music industry know-how make Arty Records a powerful mix for taking your music career to the next level. Supportive, encouraging and comprehensive with her advice, Ronnie leaves no stone unturned... and she's very generous to boot!

Stuart Rose - "The Moor Rose" Australia



We can do it but we're VERY selective with whom we can promote here and VERY reluctant to act as that shameful and shadowy figure called a booking agent.

In short, we can't help everyone. It's an expensive option for you and a time-consuming one for us. Plus we feel that as a fearless independent artist, you should organise and experience every sphincter-clenching moment of your roller coaster career as it unveils....

..especially wondering who you can really trust. Frankly, it takes years of tours to find them! 

Luckily for us, Ronnie Taheny, spent 20 years living and touring Europe so if you're tour-experienced, export-ready and cashed-up, we can help especially if you've found an embarrassing and unforgivable hole in your touring schedule. 

Chat to Ronnie about your needs and our fees : email: