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Arty Records. We've moved to higher places!

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Listen to Ronnie Taheny's latest career guidance interview live from Berlin on the Nelson Du Bois Show:


"When people say ‘all you need for success in the music biz is a bit of talent and a lot of luck’ I respectfully disagree.

You need Ronnie Taheny.

Ronnie is a powerhouse go-getter that happens to already know everything there is to know about the music industry, having lived it for years.

She will drag the most out of operators and the best out of you. 

I always had hope and determination but I never saw the path or the plan until there was Ronnie Taheny.

11 out of 10 gold stars!"

Ben Ford-Davies - International touring musician, Australia


"Ronnie is fun, hardworking, and totally professional in her approach to her music business Arty Records. Her organisational skills and follow up on her clients is exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending Ronnie to any artist who is keen to take their craft to the next level." 

Sue Germein (Manager) Germein Sisters, Australia


Well, that's from a couple of happy customers and we'd like it to be from you too!

Doesn't matter where you are on the spectrum

...of your DIY musical career, we can get you further. 

We'll shrink-wrap and sand you, package and brand you, make your bio vibrate off of the page.

And that's just the beginning. Your mum won't even recognise you after we've worked our magic.

We offer career options and direction, tried-and-true comprehensive advice, practical solutions and encouraging support on any aspect of your career always with the big picture in mind. Face to face. One to one.

Chat to Ronnie about your needs and our fees: