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(pic courtesy of Janine Hartwig)  



"Patti Smith and Pippi Longstocking converge to crank-out smart-arse songs for minds that move."

Dodging bullets in Jerusalem, being smuggled into Bosnia, jumping from burning buildings in Antwerp, breaking into the Athens Olympic stadium to do a lap of honour, climbing poles, stealing flags, converting them to costumes and plenty more in the name of “Singer Songwriter on Tour”. For 25 years, these antics have been just another day at the office for Ronnie Taheny who has lived the life of a renegade while taking her music to the world stage.

 After 25 years of working with the likes of David Gray, Luka Bloom, Billy Bragg, Ani diFranco, Aimee Mann and Fairport Convention, our diminutive dynamo is finally turning in her passport for a sock drawer and a quick swim. Before the authorities locate her.

Live, Taheny has a cheeky and charismatic stage presence full of roguish charm and boundless energy. These lively shows always come with some amusing anecdotes, acerbic poems or spontaneous one-liners told in Taheny’s inimitably dry and self-deprecating style.

Whether it’s her tall tales all true, dry and wry spoken-words, piano cadenzas or 12 string guitar shreds, Taheny always keeps it sharp and punchy, warm and witty, thought-provoking and human. Razor-sharp observations pummelled into shape with or without music.

From her humble beginnings as Yorke Peninsula’s first altar girl to the Adelaide Chorus’ first female tenor, Ronnie Taheny has a knack of innocently challenging dogma and authority with a smile on her face – as long as there’s fun to be had.

Within a year of relocating to Ireland, Ronnie featured in the prestigious Galway Arts Festival (1996), found her debut single at #5 in the Irish charts, was chosen by the industry as Ireland’s “Best Unsigned Act” followed by a trip to the USA that included showcases in Central Park and the legendary CBGB’s Gallery.

 In 2002, she signed with Bertlesmann (Germany) to write for a stable of pop artists that resulted in a #2 hit across continental Europe - a substantial market of over 400 million radio listeners - and a move that took her career to a whole new level.

 Taheny continued to expand her EU career over the next decade before deciding to retire from the European circuit in 2019.

Taheny now uses her considerable energy and DIY music industry knowledge in mentoring and artist-export courses she runs in conjunction with the suddenly expanded Arty Records - Germany. Ireland. Australia.

Ronnie is also a seasonal lecturer at the Conservatorium of Music at Adelaide Uni and undertakes occasional European tour-management.  She’s just released her 9th studio album ("START!"). The rest of her 'spare time' is dedicated to Beach Studies 101. “I’m trying to slow down,” she smirks, “but am always amazed by what can be achieved when you free yourself from the banality of sleep.”


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