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 Bardentreffen Fest, Nuernberg Aug 2009 (pic Robert Fenzl)

So now it's 2012.

20 years ago I went solo. For 17 years I've toured Europe and now it's time to hit the DownUnder beaches more than ever before.

Soooooo...... come and say your last goodbyes at a concert or two this final year. 

I’ll deliver a range of satire-driven works from that 17-year period in a 2 setter. I’ll even include some of the inspirational dirt that helped create them.

 I've done one "FAREWELL" show at The Gov (Adelaide) in Feb 2012 and here are 2 hot ‘reviews’ of the night.


Now, the last CD. "Renaissance Point" is my latest offering completed in 2010.  It features the OUTHOUSE ORCHESTRA too (aka OO). Once Jarrad and I started recording, we couldn’t stop so it’s a double album and available from this site.


Although the EU version of the CD booklet is mostly in English, we’ve uploaded the lyrics of the entire 17 songs in German because song messages are important. At least in my opinion. You’ll find them here. For those of you who want the English lyrics…you’ll just have to buy the CD at a concert so that we can chat as well.


Click below to view the CD cover and a few words about it. Check the reviews section for the latest feedback on RP. Also check the tourdates for 2012.


australian female singer songwriter Ronnie Taheny

Renaissance Point CD cover.
Photo by Caroline Fisher.

You want more shameless self-promotion?

 You won't be able to go past the 2-hour DVD! Recorded in Australia, it contains a 14-track concert segment with Adelaide-based buddies Jarrad Payne on percussion, drums, bass and vocals and Michael Bahlij on keys and vocals. Both the boys come up well on camera but find out for yourself! It also contains language (yes!) and bonus chapters of Ronnie off-duty and behind the scenes.

And what else....oh, yes, the funky “Decalogue” T-shirt available only at concerts (at the moment). Yep, we’ve got more merchandise than grand pianos so there’s no excuse for missing out.

So, come along and say to my face, "Ronnie, goodbye, good luck and good riddance!" I love you too. 


Ronnie xxxxxxxxxxx