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"Patti Smith and Pippi Longstocking converge to crank-out smart-arsed songs for minds that move."

“Intelligent and witty, athletic, erudite” – these adjectives used by Ronnie Taheny to describe her perfect man in her fabulous poem “A Darcy Before I Die” could equally describe this diminutive dynamo herself."


 ARTY RECORDS announces:

RONNIE TAHENY - "The Last Swim"

Grande Finale Live at THE GOV  

SAT FEB 3rd 2018  

SEATING sold-out!

STANDING lengthens your life (and is still available). 




Checkout these 2 minute chronologies of Ronnie's life events, travels and Gov concerts that have madeth the gal and informed her 8 albums. You're bound to hear a few of these during The Last Swim. Read on....

A quarter of a century?! Stamina! But it might be her last for a while so put out all stops, batten down the hatches, book a babysitter and a driver and BE THERE - it's Ronnie's FAREWELL show. Last year was a huge reunion and this is going to be bigger with friends from interstate, NZ, Ireland, Denmark, Germany and maybe even Luxembourg flying in for the Grande Finale itself. The stuff of history.

What can I expect?

A ‘Last Stand’ might be expected but Ronnie Taheny has never succumbed to cliche. However, she has spent 35 yrs in the industry and the last 25 gallivanting around the globe, dodging bullets and police alike whilst touring. Our self-confessed beach-bum has always returned for summer and graced us at the Gov with an annual 1-off concert before departing once again to her European base.

This year is no different. Except it is. In 2 ways. This year, Taheny celebrates a Golden Anniversary with us at The Gov whilst thanking us for 25yrs of excellent support and loyalty in the best way she knows - by retiring. That’s gratitude for you. Read more...


Ronnie Taheny, performs her Grande Finale at the Governor Hindmarsh on SAT FEB 3rd, supported by Zac Eden.


And here's what the press is saying:

"Taheny has achieved the cult status of folk's fairy godmother" for young Australian artists. (Matt Innes - Scenestr.)

Check out Ronnie's latest music mag interviews: the gutsy, in-demand, role model for any young artist wanting an ideal, successful and international, DIY indie career.



Find out more about her and why she's made that big decision after 25 years of success in both Europe and the iconic Adelaide venue.

'Man About Adelaide' mag gets behind Taheny's (ocean) scenes with Rowena Garcia as the relentless roving reporter. Find out here.


'Scene Str' mag also get on board with this insightful interview with the the woman who "has attained a type of cult status as a folk fairy godmother."  here.


...and the interviews keep rolling in for "The Last Swim". This time by Rob Lyon of "Hi-Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles" AUS. Ta Rob and team.


And now this interview by CLOTHESLINE. See what probing questions that inquisitive Bian Hickman asked here. Thanks guys.




Hear what Ronnie has to say about it here.


1. Live is what happened at the ABC with good ole Auntie.

2. This ole classic as a last minute request.

3. Here!  Want to hear what Ronnie (and sometimes Jarrad) banged-on about during their time on Radio Adelaide?  


"START!" CD - Get it here!

Do it now so you can teach me all the lyrics at the next gig.



Yes, live from Berlin by MUXX.TV, it's the entire concert streamed live and shot specifically for my personal posterity. And maybe yours too. With limited tickets as prizes, only a few winners and celebs got to be our select live audience. Lucky you. 

 Stream it here:

For this one, big thanx go out to Michiel Kruit for his relentless organisation and backing, to Holaku Mameghani (the Persian Dictator and Director) and the rest of the very lovely Team Muxx as well as Kiwi John for the space, cold beer and shocking vowels. Any dodgy footage is purely the fault of the subject and not the crack pro filming team.




View it here

(and pick up the film thread at 14:20 latest)

Thanx Miriam and Helge at the fab Burg Henneberg, Hamburg.



Kiel "Kulturforum" : Good too!

Read others here.


"In a field increasingly inhabited by poetic and intellectual pygmies, Taheny can cut through the vaporous crap with a single line. That she does so with wry humour makes her all the more a contemporary stand-out."                   Time Out Magazine, London


“Seduces you and runs a sharp fingernail down a sensitive part of your anatomy when you least expect it.”    

                                     Simon Hardeman, The Independent, London


“She's a breath of fresh air ... quirky, very thoughtful and interesting! And her music is lovely!” Gillian Russell, Music Café,  BBC Scotland


“Intelligent and witty, athletic, erudite” – these adjectives used by Ronnie Taheny to describe her perfect man in her fabulous poem “A Darcy Before I Die” could equally describe this diminutive dynamo herself!"                                   Rosemary Cadden, InDaily, Adelaide


"Power from DownUnder! Impressing how her warmth, charisma, energy and black sense of humour fill the stage and captivate the audience."    Kim Heibon, "The Machine"  Radio P3, Denmark


"Taheny manages to enchant her audience with her stage presence. And she writes remarkably catchy songs - a female Captain Hook who throws the lines." Christian Dorn, freelance, Berlin, Germany


“Rarely do you hear such great warmth and generosity in smart pop music!”        David Sly, WOMAD/Adelaide Festival/SA Life Adelaide.