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Gallery - Best Swims So Far

Neice, Cara (here pic with Mick) was my tour roadie 2002. We discovered the surf was as crap in most of Europe as it is here, home in Seacliff, Adelaide.

Sea of Galilee, Israel/Palestine 2005

Dead Sea, Jordan 2005


Surf's up! Thru the arches! Mosques have many uses, Casablanca, Morocco 2004

A narrow 20m-long dare that failed embarrassingly at Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, Venice ca. 1999

Working on a song in Southern Turkey ca 1996

Tough work writing in Nuweiba, Red Sea 2005. Note borders of Egypt, Israel, Jordan (and almost Saudi Arabia) all in bkground. Fighter jets optional.

One of the more tranquil illegal swims taken at Menara Gardens, Marrakech, Morocco 2004

Dawn Fraser and this pool at home, Edithburgh, Yorke Peninsula SA have always been responsible for my aquatic delusions.

Alexandria, Egypt 2005

The peak of the Rock of Gibralta proves a very good shark-watch lookout..on a rare clear day 2001

Anzac Cove, Gallipoli. Caught here being the ugly Aussie 1999.

Writing the ‘Happathy” album. Yitheion, Peliponnes, Greece 2004

German sun-shelter at a “Normandy Landings” site, France 2000

View from a writing location, near Dubrovik, Croatia 2002.

The first leg in completing a lifetime's dream to swim around the entire Mediterranean and its islands whilst under the influence of Ancient-History-Research. Crete, Greece 1996.

Domestic bliss at Tartus, Syria 2005

De-briefing after publishing meeting here at Lake Geneva, Switz ca. 1998.

Picking up a few tips from Mum, Adel 2008

Avoiding Bird Flu here was easy if you didn’t get water up your nose… or freeze first. On tour on the Bodensee (Lake Konstanz) during initial outbreak 2007(?)