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Gallery - Decalogue

Welcome to Syria


Sidi Ifni, Marocco 2000

Lifelong dream comes true - hanging at the Alexandria Library for a day.

Egypt 2002

I couldn't sit with their 15/7 and they couldn't hold down a simple rock beat. Morocco 2000


Overnight bodyguards for an illegal camp overlooking Jerusalem. 2002


Algerian deserters 2002


British WW2 HQ in Egypt. Playing the very ivories that Lawence of Arabia tickled some 60 yrs earlier.


Innocently asleep inside whilst our "friends" in their Cairo deli sell us out.


The southern Med beaches have other practical uses.


Cairo 2002


Istanbul 2002


Dep. Greece 2002


Jerusalem, Islamic area (note vast number of Western tourists) 2003


Jerusalem's new wall worth wailing about.


Tarnak hawkers doing it hard, Egypt 2003


Local surfers, Morocco 2000


Welcome to Ramadam, Red Sea Egypt 2003


Palmyra, Syria 2003


Entrance to Petra, Jordan 2003

The Rose City herself.


Marrekech Squ. Morocco 2002


Hmmm....not sure.


Halfway across the Sinai Desert. How's the serenity... 2003


On the Iraqi border 2003


Retracing the route for Lawence of Arabia's surprising Aqaba attack ,Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Wail away, Jerusalem 2003


Back to the west. The above journey became the Decalogue CD and here's the launch in 2005 at the good ol' Gov with good ol' Jarrad Payne, John Ahern and Michael Bahlij.