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Gallery - New Additions

 Doing it hard in Malta June 5th to 10th 2012. Uwe and Walter, thanks so much for the winning shirt:



UEFA Grand final , Mylor, South Australia, 3:45am Mon July 2nd. Angus Graham Steer and Mandi Graham - my diehard companions - few and far in Adelaide, it seems. Ta Angus and Mandi for the great fun and for having a TV. PS: Germany should have been in, anyway.

Glems vs Mylor 1



Glems vs Mylor 2




The Gov Feb 4th 2012 !SCORE!- 20 years solo concert. Pix by Max Millowick.

The OO blitz the Kieler Woche Festival, June 2009. One of the team wanted this photo dead but, alas, democracy lives.
Kind permission and many thanks to photographer, Volker Schubarth, for these 4 Kiel pix.

Three angels, post recording, November 2009, Adelaide.

Marie enjoys a glass of wine after a gruelling 10 minutes of flute recording.

The secret to Amanda’s vocal success.

Jarrad presenting unsolicited advice to all those within earshot.

Goo finally sheds her ‘geeky’ cello and attracts a far funkier breed of groupie.



Rie finally sheds her ‘geeky’ flute and cuts into Goo’s market. Berlin, July 2009. Thanks to Ralf Luderfinger for these 4 Berlin pix .

Conspiracy theories, Part 1.

Serious Art.

Conspiracy theories, Part 2.

Oerol Festival, NL, June 2009. Note absence of groupies. Thanks Rene Kruip on cam.

The adoration goes all too far in the Maroldsweisach Hall of Fame. Thanks Peter Pratsch and Reiner Streng, July 2009.

Runding, May 2009. Thanks Fenzl for these 3 pix.

First afternoon off and a favourite spot – the Rhein and some rare solitude, Mai 2009.


We all may be nearly 50 but we’re still cranking it out and up on tour. And we’re still angry! Solo singer s/writers – Julian Dawson (UK), Diane Ponzio (US), moi (AUS). Outcome of conversation? It’s all in the hairstyle. Frankft Music Messe, April 2009


With Mikrokopter engineers and occasional film-makers, Stefan and Ingo, in serious discussion about an impending OO filmclip at HQ April 2009


With Ellwangen venue operator and friend, Kommisar Gerry Marek. Everyone needs a cop on their side.


Ben Afflect masquerading as personal body guard backstage during a fest somewhere (Kiel?) in 2008.


Anti-smoking laws take a hammering with rebel composer Klaus Lehr post-gig Wuppertal, March 2009


Typical cross-section of the Danish popn. – token Australian, Faroe Islands, Iraq, Greenland, Iceland, Norway… any Danes out there?


Leo Auri, part of the excellent ex-Adel muso mob who are powering on and taking Berlin by stealth. Post-gig with Marie and I, June 2008


Hilter Youth thinly disguised as soccer hooligans from Melbourne. OO fan demographics defy all logic. Sound check at the Gov, Feb 2009.


Live at the Gov with the Outhouse Orchestra (aka OO) Feb 2009
Bahlij, Amanda, Ronnie, Marie, Jarrad.

Ta to Tim Dennis for this year’s Gov pix.


Gigging with those kooky neuroscientists, Prof Marcello Costa and Prof Ian Gibbins, Arts Theatre, Adel. Oct 2008

Another torturous rehearsal warm-up – secret to our success. Unpleasant Studios, Adel. 2008


A tough winery afternoon for the 3 angels. This time ‘Red Poles’ McLaren Vale. Jan 2009


This 12 string saw me thro 12 yrs on tour in Europe and this is the thanks it gets. Mick Wordley made me do it. Adel. Sept 2008


With one vertical brush-stroke our local train station gets an identity upgrade. Adel July 2008


Dad’s OO sweat shop


All siblings together for the 1st time in 20 yrs (Kerry’s 60th). Henley Bch. Sept 2008


Picking up a few tips from Mum. Adel. Aug 2008


Any demonstration’s a good one. This time for the pedagogues. On tour, Aarhus, Denmark ca 2007


Being abducted by mates from the Kiel Buddhist Centre at my birthday gig, Deichperle, Kiel and good on ’em! June 7th 2008