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OUTHOUSE Orchestra.

Ronnie Taheny (vox/piano/cello), Marie de Lint (flute/harmonica/vox) and Amanda Goodfellow (cello/vox) have taken Ronnie’s originals and arranged them for your refined ear. Think enthusiasm, irreverence and energy not stodgy classical deliveries. Beneath their larrikin exterior there beats three hearts of sheer class, arse and shameless self-promotion. They’ll frock-up to dress you down.


<img src=‘’ alt=‘picture of Sasha’s Greatest Hits’ />

Sasha. Popstar, Germany.

One of Northern Europe’s most consistently successful solo artists. Kind circumstance has meant I’ve managed to contribute a series of songs to his catalogue inc. a hit single featured on his latest release: “Greatest Hits”. (Hint: “Turn it into Something Special” for my sake).


contemporary singer songwriters like David Gray and Ronnie Taheny Australia

DAVID GRAY. UK Singer Songwriter.

UK Singer Songwriter jumped at the chance to work with Ronnie…or was it the other way around?


<img src=‘’ alt=‘Fiona O’Loughlin and Ronnie Taheny double act’ />


Australia’s foremost female comedian and Ronnie’s cousin. The dynamic Fiona from Southern Yorke Peninsula goes on to conquer the world wiith her irreverant brand of humour.


1.1 Immermann

Jarrad Payne. Drums, percussion, bass, vocals, songwriter.

This Adelaide-based but world-destined multi-instrumentalist has just produced my latest CD, “Renaissance Point” here in Adelaide. Being a gifted musician and an exceptional person, Jarrad makes the process of playing music extremely pleasant, creative and fun. Check out his diverse works at and (plenty of free music to download.)


Producer Audio importer

Mick Wordley. Mixmasters Studios.

I do Mick a disservice by putting him under the “studio” title alone. Mick is an erudite and witty philosopher who decided to build some great studios on the way to a gig. He’s responsible for my first two solo albums (“Valentine’s Prey” and “Briefcase”). He’s got heart, soul, elephant ears and a swag of Australian Music Industry awards that would fill his biggest studio. It’s true at


Caroline Fisher. Photographer.

Caroline is one of the most talented and successful freelancers in South Australia. We met on the beach (where else?) and though she specialises in marine and aquaculture environmental photography, she went out of her way to shoot the “Renaissance Point” CD cover and publicity shots as well as the latest “Outhouse Orchestra” PR shots fresh from Brighton Beach Adelaide. Spot the results in “Gallery”. Meanwhile, you’ll find this fine human being on the beach and at <a href=“ target=”blank"">


ME is chronic fatigue Charity Aberdeen

Eric Smart. Reluctant cycling celebrity.

The witty and mad Scotsman recently bicycled from Aberdeen to his planned destination of Adelaide (pic) only to decide that he still had enough “months, muscle and money” to complete the circle home – two years on the road in more ways than one, meeting hundreds of people and incidents on the way. This undertaking is just one feat in a challenging life where exceptional circumstances have made an exceptional human being. After successfully curing himself from 20 years of ME (chronic fatigue), Eric completes his Charity Cycle Ride late April 2010. If you have the time, the inclination or the money (yes, you can donate!) then please have a wee peep at his blog at


Lincott socks

John Ahern. Guitar, blues harp, tin whistle, vocals.

Another wickedly quirky lad but this time from Kinsale, County Cork. John’s one of those multi-instrumentalists who will musically follow you anywhere – lucky for me. A fellow beach bum, he’s also a formidable sailor and businessman. Clues to this mystery at:


Joseph and Ronnie relatives

Joe Taheny Ronnie’s nephew and ex-roadie.

Ronnie unleashed Joe onto the world when he toured with her in1999. The world has never been the same since…



Rob and Jane Childs songwriters Adelaide

SCALA. Adelaide.

Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Association. They gave me my first break and then a few more. Blame the fabulous Jane and Rob Childs at


Best Live Music Venue Adelaide with Ronnie Taheny

Governor Hindmarsh. Adelaide.

Adelaide is still in fear of becoming the cultural centre of the world. We’ve a Fringe Festival second only to Edinburgh, a Writers’ Week to humble many other international gatherings and an annual WOMAD festival that doesn’t need me banging-on about it. The “Gov” too, stands proudly as one of the best live venues Australia has to offer. For nearly two decades now the Tonkin family has warmly supported all manner of original music from Australia (inc. yours truly) and the world. Long may it continue!


Robbie Dunstan and Ronnie Taheny

Rip It Up. Lifestyle Magazine.

Robbie Dunstan is a colourful legend in Adelaide. He and his merry crew have supported the likes of me for more years than I’m going to tell you. Read about it at


Alex Wheaton and Arna Eyers-White and Ronnie Taheny

dB. Music industry magazine.

Alex, Arna and clan have relentlessly supported local and international acts for a stack of years and hopefully a stack more.


Peter Wilson and Tones and Ronnie Taheny

3d Three D Radio 93.7 FM. Adelaide.

Largely responsible for breaking new local and national acts, the community-minded crew at 3D keep on keeping on and good on ‘


’’ alt=‘Original South Australian music including Ronnie Taheny and the Outhouse Orchestra’ />

Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM.

The Uni station that knows its listeners have brains. Always professional, supportive and good